Why You Should Hire Different Suppliers Rather than a Wedding Package

by SoonlyWeds on 09/07/2021

Credit to @nickkarvounis on Unsplash

Wedding planning in the UK can get pretty daunting and confusing, especially if you’re torn between going for an all-in package or booking wedding suppliers directly. If you want to talk to fewer people, choose a wedding package, but you may not be in total control of your wedding. However, if you are willing to communicate with more professionals and have the celebration you’ve always wanted, pick individual suppliers. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire different suppliers:

1. A Unique Wedding

Some couples want a one-of-a-kind wedding so they can cherish the moments for years to come. If you are someone who likes to add a personal touch to an event, hiring à la carte wedding suppliers allows you to have everything done according to your taste. There are no rules for you to worry about. You will have control over every aspect of your special day, which means your wedding will fit your personality better. The result: your big day will be more memorable and meaningful to you.

2. Preferred Suppliers

By hiring different local wedding suppliers, you get to choose the ones that you trust could provide the kind of service and level of excellence you desire. You can basically hire the best in their specific fields of expertise. For example, if you are a fan of a particular photographer, but that professional is not associated with your wedding planner, you can easily book them separately.

3. Unlimited Options

Since there are different elements to your event, you can entertain as many wedding suppliers as you want, giving you a plethora of choices. Whether it’s food, decor, DJ, or video, you can compare different prices and offerings. Since rates usually differ from supplier to supplier, you have the freedom to choose the ones that fit your personality and preferences. Your wedding, your rules. The only limit is your budget — and imagination.

Credit to @shelbymary_ on Unsplash

4. Savings

Wedding planning in the UK can be expensive, but if you have more time to research and compare prices, you can potentially save a significant amount of money by selecting suppliers with competitive prices while delivering impressive results. Unlike an all-inclusive wedding package, à la carte suppliers allow you to skip non-essentials that might have greatly inflated the package price.

5. More Contacts

More wedding suppliers give you more contacts. By constantly communicating with your suppliers, you can establish good relationships, which can potentially lead to friendship. Should any of your family or friends need help supplying their wedding needs, you can refer your trusted suppliers to them. Doesn’t it feel great to help people?

In conclusion, working with multiple wedding suppliers offers several benefits you simply can’t ignore. It may require more time and effort on your part, but you get the opportunity to turn your dream wedding into reality. At the end of the day, it’s your big day! You deserve to make it about you as much as possible.

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