When to start looking for your dream bridal dress

by SoonlyWeds on 13/09/2021

Credit to @wedding_photography on Unsplash

Getting married involves several decisions you would have to make — the venue, caterer, photographer, florist, and many others. But out of all the key elements that will tailor your dream vision, nothing is more exciting than choosing your bridal dress, don’t you think?

Finding the right wedding gown for the most special day of your life is not an easy task. Chances are, you probably haven’t tried on one before. Since it is going to be the most expensive dress you will ever wear, we’re not going to be surprised when you feel the pressure. That’s why we came up with this article to help you make the search a little bit less exacting. Here are tips we’re sure you will find helpful as you try to find your dream wedding dress.

1. Time it properly

Bridal dress shopping can be done at different periods in your wedding planning timeline. Some experts advise starting the search after you have booked your venue. We think this tip makes sense because you want to wear something that reflects your surroundings.

Around nine months before your big day, you should be able to pick the style, fabric, cut, and other specifics and pay a deposit of 50 to 60 per cent, depending on the store. Expect your bridal dress to be completed within a 6-9 month period.

Within 6-8 weeks before your wedding, you can start fitting your gown. Minor changes, like neckline adjustments, may be required so be sure to have a bridesmaid or two to assist you in the fitting.

About a week before the wedding, you should be ready to pay the remaining balance and pick up your dress. Don’t forget to transport and store it safely to avoid any issues on the day itself.

2. Do your homework

Nowadays, looking for wedding dress tips and ideas is more or less effortless if you know where to source the best inspiration. Simply check out bridal magazines, take screenshots, or browse Pinterest for inspiration. You can collect your research and put it in a folder. Then, find a common denominator — what is the style that catches your attention? What cut do you find interesting? Find similarities of styles you fancy, take note of them, and show those details to your outfitter.

3. Set your budget

In any aspect of your wedding planning, the costs determine more or less everything. You will be bridal dress shopping, and for sure, you’re going to fall in love with various dresses. But things will be a lot easier if you set aside a part of your budget for your dress and stick with it. That being said, when you sit down and plan your big day, do not forget to include a budget for your gown. Pro tip: be sure to allow some extra cash for final alterations.

4. Choose a reputable bridal salon

The bridal salon will be responsible for turning your dream bridal dress into a reality. So, before making appointments, start looking for reputable bridal salons. Ask your family and friends and see if they can share any referrals. Check out their websites, Facebook pages and read customer comments and reviews online. Doing this will save you a considerable amount of time (and stress) because you don’t have to spend time talking to people who have failed in making a good name.

5. Spread out your appointments

Consulting with experts and trying on dresses can take hours. So, instead of booking too many appointments in a day, try to spread dress fittings over some time. Doing this will keep you from being overwhelmed and making rash decisions. You don’t want to decide on something just because you have to make it to the next appointment.

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6. Determine your body type

Your bridal dress should match your shape and size. There will be countless options and combinations that will celebrate your physique and make you feel like the star of your big day! To make sure you have the perfect fit, you have to know what features you want to highlight and tone down. Understand that one of the plus sides of a made-to-order gown is that it is designed to fit your unique measurements. When the gown is finished, you will see it as the most perfect piece of garment for you — because it is.

7. Listen to experts

One of the best wedding dress tips is to listen to expert opinions. Professionals will tell you they have encountered many brides coming to them with their own ideas, only to find out they don’t actually like it. In the end, they resort to something completely foreign to their vision. To avoid this dilemma, keep an open mind and listen to expert advice. Sure, you can infuse your unique ideas, but do not ignore a professional’s suggestions completely. They’re experts for a reason.

8. Give enough time

Getting your ideal bridal dress will be a lot less stressful if you give your dressmaker enough time to work. So, as much as possible, avoid rush orders. Besides, there’s an additional fee when you ask a store to speed up the process. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to designate 6-9 months for the production of your dress to ensure you get what you want. This timeframe leaves enough time for customizing, ordering, and any alterations needed.

9. Consider your comfort

We understand you want to look your best on your big day. But your comfort is as important as your appearance. Finding the right bridal dress is a little less complicated when you factor in how it feels. Besides, you’re going to be wearing this for several hours, so you should consider how you feel about having it on.

10. Listen to your heart

Yes, we told you to consider professional insights, but that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard your instincts. Remember: it’s your day, it’s your gown! Therefore, you’re the boss. You should call the shots. So, don’t forget to consider your thoughts and preferences. As long as you’re happy, everybody should be happy.

Choosing your bridal dress is not a walk in the park, because there are several things you need to contemplate. But with these tips, you should be able to make the process a little bit easier and effortless. For more tips, keep reading our articles.