UK Wedding Planning Checklist

by SoonlyWeds on 10/07/2021

Credit to @freddygmedia on Unsplash

With a plethora of locations, the UK offers so many options when it comes to planning your wedding! You can host your nuptials throughout the year and there is a wide range of venue choices, allowing you to pick different style settings that meet your vision for your big day. However, when you have so many options, your UK wedding planning might prove to be a challenging task, so we’ve prepared a handy checklist to help you in this journey!

Set the budget

One of the first things to think about when planning a UK wedding is the budget. You can’t afford to miss this part because not designating a budget can cause a lot of financial stress and disappointment down the line. So, determine how much you are willing to spend on your special day and find out if some of your closest family and friends would like to help cover some of the expenses. And don’t forget this tip: stick to your budget as much as possible.

Set the date

Consider the time of year that gives you the best experience. August is the most popular month for weddings in this part of the world. Since school days are over and the weather is mostly tranquil, you can expect to have your guests filling the seats and enjoying taking snapshots of your wedding. However, be mindful of the downside of this month. August is the month when venues are in high demand, so be prepared to pay the highest rates.

Choose the venue

After setting the budget and the date, it’s time for you to choose the venue. This step is a critical part of wedding planning because the venue will dictate the atmosphere of your ceremony and reception. So, sit down together and talk about what you and your spouse-to-be want on your nuptials and what type of location should fit your theme. Also, consider a place that offers both indoor and outdoor spaces. In case the weather gets a little unforgiving, you can easily move the ceremony indoors to avoid a major setback on your special day.

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Process the legal requirements

A wedding in England involves dealing with strict legal requirements. You must tie the knot at an approved location for the ceremony to be legal and binding. Communication with the superintendent registrar of the district where the wedding will take place is also necessary because you need to submit proper documentation. Be sure to consider this step as it will make everything on your big day official.

Book suppliers

To avoid stress and disappointment in wedding planning, you should book your suppliers early. During the busy summer months, the most sought-after venues, designers, caterers, make-up artists, and photographers are often fully booked. So, if you’re eyeing specific suppliers, be sure to contact them at least 6 months to a year in advance to seal the deal. In our directory, you can see which suppliers are available on your wedding date.

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