5 details you should NOT diy for your wedding

by SoonlyWeds on 10/08/2021

Credit to @davidholifield on Unsplash

Most brides-to-be hire a wedding planner to help them in setting up the most special day of their lives. With the assistance of professionals, you can be less hands-on and still achieve the dream celebration you’ve always wanted. However, if you want a more personal touch or simply are keen to unleash your creative side, then you should consider a DIY wedding.

Doing things yourself on your big day offers several benefits, one of which is the freedom to create your event exactly the way you want to. No one understands your vision more than you. Another plus side is the cost saving element - hosting a wedding does not come cheap. In fact, you can think of any word and add “wedding” as an adjective, and the prices will automatically go up.

Wedding planning demands your full attention if you want to save some serious cash on your big day. For example, making your own invitations will require a certain skill in graphic design and time to work on them. You will also need to spend more time printing them out and distributing them.

Furthermore, a DIY wedding also gives you an outlet to show off your creative side. It’s your wedding, so it should reflect your style and personality, right? Simple things like writing invitations, choosing the songs and designing some of the decorative work may be small tasks, but they do add lots of personality to your event.

Having said that, not all wedding details are worth DIY-ing. In this article, we will talk about five elements that you should seriously consider entrusting to professionals. Let’s get started!

1. Photography

Can you imagine doing the photography yourself on your wedding day? Even professional wedding photographers ask fellow lensmen to take their wedding photos. So, your DIY wedding should not involve carrying a camera, several lenses, lighting fixtures, and other gear to photograph yourself. Taking pictures is a job best entrusted to a qualified professional.

If you are an amateur photographer, that means more work for you, especially in terms of practice and preparation, getting to grips with different lighting conditions, and camera settings. On the other hand, a professional photographer has years of experience taking wedding photos. They know what kind of angles to use, how to compose shots, and where to be at the right time. With pro shooters, you can relax because you will have someone on hand who knows what they are doing, capturing amazing photos of you, your love, and your guests.

You can also look at it from this perspective: you only have one chance to take timeless photos of the single most important day of your life. So, you should find someone whom you trust to capture those moments for you. That being said, during your wedding planning consider hiring a pro photographer.

2. Catering

Your reception is probably going to be the biggest dinner you’ll ever host, therefore consider catering as one of the wedding details you should not do on your own. Let’s say you have a background in catering and decide to take care of the menu on your big day. How can you ensure that the food is properly prepared and at the right temperature when you‘re busy having your hair and makeup done? How can you prepare platters and refill glasses without leaving your guests behind? Just thinking about this is stressful!

Food is one of the most important elements of your event, so try avoiding this one when you consider a DIY wedding. Caterers are seasoned at preparing large amounts of food for a multitude of people. Hiring a team of wedding food professionals guarantees that you and your guests will enjoy hot, fresh, and delicious cuisines. They will make sure food is prepared on time, which saves you from stress and anxiety.

3. Cake

One of the best wedding tips is to hire a professional cake designer. The wedding cake symbolises good fortune for you and your spouse-to-be. It is often the centrepiece of the reception and is usually placed in a special position, ready for admiration. But making a presentable, tasty cake involves a lot of time and practice. Sure, you can watch tutorials on YouTube, but do you have enough time to perfect a reception-worthy cake?

If you want to save yourself from frustration, consider hiring a wedding cake designer during your wedding planning. Just like any supplier, a professional is experienced at creating the wedding cake of your dreams. You can expect outstanding artistry, total customisation, and creative flavours.

Credit to @victoriapriessnitz on Unsplash

4. Hair and makeup

Most women can do their own hair and work on their personal cosmetics — but a wedding day should be an exception. A DIY wedding highlights your creativity and skills, but on the other hand, this is the day when you’re supposed to pamper yourself! Again, the idea is for you to have as little stress as possible.

Professional hair and makeup can ensure your look matches your wedding theme. Since you have already spent a considerable amount of money on making the venue look great, you should also invest in beautifying the most important feature: yourself. Besides, having a chat with your hair and makeup stylist can help take away your jitters!

5. Entertainment

Did we mention you’re supposed to be the star of your big day? Then you’re the one who should be entertained, not be the entertainer! When you entertain people, you make it all about them — but this day is all about you. For this reason, we discourage you from making this a part of your DIY wedding. Instead, we recommend you hire a wedding entertainer: someone who knows how to set the tone for any event. With high-end musical instruments and equipment, you can treat your guests to a night of awesome music. Moreover, an entertainer can help make the flow of the reception fluid and seamless.

We hope these wedding tips will help you choose what items on your list are worth delegating to the professionals. If you have chosen what to do for your DIY wedding, take a look at our vast supplier directory that is listing all professionals near you who will complete your event!