10 wedding cake alternatives that will blow your mind

by SoonlyWeds on 23/08/2021

Credit to @kseegars on Unsplash

Wedding cakes are sweet sensations that have become an important part of a big-day reception. But during Roman times, grains and wheat symbolised fertility and prosperity. As time passed by, the wheat was eventually baked, thus wedding cakes were born.

One might ask, “why wouldn’t any couple want to serve a customary wedding cake on the most important day of their lives?” Honestly, it all boils down to preference. Some couples just aren’t big cake fans. While some may find it hard to imagine having their special day without it, others want to do things differently, and that is perfectly fine! There are still several ways to serve a mouthwatering dessert that honours the custom without going for a traditional cake. In recent years, other sweet goodies began gaining popularity in the wedding industry, including doughnuts, cupcakes, and pancakes.

If you are feeling the same way and are looking for ideas to complete your big day, here are ten amazing wedding cake alternatives you shouldn’t dare to miss.

1. Doughnut tower

Who wouldn’t drool over a multi-tiered doughnut display with different flavours? This may not be a typical sweet delight to have at your wedding, but having one at your event will leave your guests bedazzled as they gaze upon the multi-coloured and multi-flavoured doughnut tower! For sure, the guests will love your offering. And the best part? A pyramidal display will have all the looks of being somewhat traditional, yet still deviating from the typical classic cake.

2. Pie

If you’re cutting down on costs, you can go for pie, which is one of the more affordable wedding cake alternatives you will find. It’s also a versatile way to offer your guests something sweet. Since there really are no rules to serving pie, your guests can have it any way they want! They can also be a decorative addition to make your guests interested. You can display miniature wedding pies on each table at the reception and we guarantee you, you will see your friends and family taking pictures with them!

3. Cupcakes

Wedding cake alternatives should be unique and creative. That being said, a cupcake tower ticks both boxes. It’s an effortless yet amazing option for you and your guests to enjoy on your big day. You can take your cupcakes up a notch by going for cake shooters, designed with shot glasses filled with icing and assorted flavours. Furthermore, you can make a tower with several flavours and allow your guests to pick what they like. Also, cake pops can be an easy, convenient choice for you. They come in different flavours and sizes, perfect not only for enjoying but also for levelling up your dessert table’s decoration.

4. Macarons

You can add some French influence to your reception desserts. Macarons are perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. Like the previously mentioned sweets, they are great wedding cake alternatives because they can be easily customised. Whether you want to match them with your colour palette or want to simply offer assorted colours, macarons will make your dessert table visually stunning!

5. Brownies

Why wouldn’t your guests love brownies at your wedding? A personalised brownie cake is another eye-popping alternative to a traditional cake. Brownies with chocolate chips? Walnut brownies? Assorted brownies? No problem — you can serve them in a myriad of ways! To make the whole affair look more appealing, you can top brownies off with rose petals and a few strawberry chunks.

Credit to @ibrahimboran on Unsplash

6. Cheese wheel cake

Are you looking for a way to serve an assortment of desserts but don’t want to give up the cake cutting ceremony? Why not slice up a cheese wheel cake along with other sweets! You can make your wedding extra cheesy (in a good way) by opting for this amazing alternative. It gives you that classic cake look and still lets you enjoy it even if you’re not into sweets — you get the best of both worlds!

7. Cinnamon rolls

Modern couples, especially those who aren’t big on traditions, prefer more photo ops and interaction at their wedding. The cake cutting doesn’t mean that much to them anyway. If this sounds more like you, perhaps simple cinnamon rolls are a great option to offer your guests something sweet and delectable. Also, throw some vanilla latte into the mix to add more flavour and tastiness.

8. Cookies

Breaking the tradition of having a cake at your wedding can be as easy as just stacking delicious cookies at your dessert table. Cookies can be your perfect wedding cake alternatives because they are so easy to make. They also allow you to be creative and experiment with different colours, flavours, and designs. Leave your guests astounded by offering an assortment of yummy homemade cookies! For sure, the guests can’t resist hanging out where these sweet goodies are served.

9. Ice cream cake

Are you having your wedding in the Summer? If so, think about having an ice cream cake on your big day! Your guests will be amazed by your creativity and dribble over this sweet treat. Wondering how a frozen confection is even an option at your reception? Countless couples have already pulled it off and they had so much fun! You only need proper cooling conditions to keep it flawless for the right moment.

10. Dessert table

Do you want to please the sweet tooth among your guests? A dessert table is one of the best wedding cake alternatives you can come up with. You can even ask them to bring along their home-cooked goodies and designate a table to arrange them to your liking. But before doing so, be sure to ask your venue if this idea is permissible.

If you don’t feel like having cake on your big day, don’t fret. There are other ways to make things interesting. These ten wedding cake alternatives should give you a few ideas to make your guests feel great and their cravings for sweets satisfied.

We hope you found this blog helpful and inspiring! If you need more tips on how to make your wedding more amazing, read our other articles.