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“Because I always say, if you're married for 50 years, and 10 of them are horrible, you're doing really good!”

- Michelle Obama -

Our story

The year was 2014 and we were sick of Googling for suppliers. Thousands of websites, sending hundreds of emails and having zero luck. It needed to change.

And that was it, that was enough of a drive to build SoonlyWeds - a lot has changed since then!

It was our mission for engaged couples to have an easier and more enjoyable wedding planning experience than we did. We worked hard on making a tool which does just that. But it comes with a twist.

Not only can you find every type of wedding supplier on SoonlyWeds, but you can also search for your wedding date to see who is actually available. A game changer.

It's just the two of us at SoonlyWeds HQ - the way it always has been and the way we want to keep it. We're just a small local business trying to help other small local businesses and engaged couples connect.

- Jennifer and Nathan